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Hello, dear crocheters and knitters I'm happy to see you in our community Here I you will find updates and free patterns ♥ Enjoy!
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Oct 13, 2022

Knitting Snowman out of Bunny - Free supplement

Hello, dear Knitters!
Awesome news 😍🧶⛄

Knitters who have the bunny pattern by Polushkabunny can make a snowman toy using ...
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PolushkaBunny Patterns
Oct 10, 2022

New autumn project - Crochet pumpkin pattern

Learn how to make these awesome crochet pumpkins! Follow along with the written pattern as well as the  video tutorials...
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Aug 18, 2022

Snowman out of Bunny - Free supplement

Hello, dear Crocheters!
I'm going to deliver good news today🌞😍

Crocheters who has the bunny pattern by Polushkabunny can...
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PolushkaBunny Patterns
Aug 5, 2022

Baseball Cap for large toys - Free Crochet Pattern

Hello, dear crocheters!
I'm glad to announce that I created this awesom crocheted baseball cap which fits most of large ...
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Apr 27, 2022


Today I would like to share with you some tips and color charts that can be used to decorate your knitted toy garments....
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Mar 14, 2022

New to communities? Learn how to navigate your community area

Hello, dear crocheters and knitters🌷🧶
There are 2 memberships:
Open Polushkabunny Community(free one) and Private Polushka...
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Sep 23, 2021

Gingerbread Man - Free Crochet Pattern by Polushkabunny

“I look just like a gingerbread man in a mask", I told myself when I looked in the mirror at the moment as I was going ...
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Aug 2, 2021

How to work multiple stitches in one stitch (Knitting Stich Tutorial)

Working multiple stitches in one stitch is a combination of knit stitches and yarn overs.

In this video, I'll show how to...
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PolushkaBunny Patterns
Dec 6, 2020

Memorible Baubles - Free Crochet Patterns

I'm very exited to shate with you my Christmas gift idea 2020! Fast&easy projects and great to work on between big proj...
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PolushkaBunny Patterns
Nov 11, 2020

🎄Christmas Cheer - a Humorous Article About Preparing for the Holidays🎁

I think that those who love crocheting and knitting have several methods of preparing Christmas presents.
1.  The Xer...
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